A Blog in 10, 9, 8, 7…

It is really honestly easy to say it is stupid how fast one can create a blog and post to it? Easy to say and easy to do. Voila! Here we are, a simple place to post progress and updates. I may even venture out and flex the certified catechesis muscles once in a while and talk about religion. But for now let me drop some simple facts:

  • Jesus is in charge of this project, he’s started to take up a large enough portion of my spare thought. I recognize that it is time to start to push some keys for Jesus. I will try my hardest to fullfil any requests from anyone with apostolic succession in regards to this website (And honestly any other facet of my life).
  • Main purpose of blog.MassScheduler.com is to post technical progress on creating MassScheduler.com.
  • MassScheduler.com is to be a way for Catholics to interactively schedule ministers in a parish.
  • I have other idea’s that involve apps, social tie ins,¬† and other things, but right now I just want to replace scheduling sheets for my, and any other parish that may want to use this website.
  • MassScheduler.com will be free for Catholics. Right now I do not plan on making any money off this site, making parishes pay for using the site, or put up any advertising for a profit. I guess I of course may change my mind someday; I will honestly say that if I do change my mind¬† I promise that 5% of any money made from the site will go directly to my parish Sacred Hearts Church Cardington and another 5% will go to Food for the Poor.

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