Dominical Letters

Liturgical_year.svgOne of the first things I am going to have to tackle is the liturgical calendar. The system will really need to understand the rhythm and timing of feasts in the Catholic Church. Easter becomes a primary stumbling block as it jumps around the calendar on a lunar and Julian cycle. So aside with building structures for the database basics I need to digitise the liturgical calendar. I could just build a table in a database of liturgical dates and manually enter the information, but I am a coder. So that means I need to understand the liturgical calendar and then master it (like the one ring) and code it as my own. Since the benefit of such an endeavour would be that I could share it I guess I will blog about it as I build functions to figure out what exactly is going to be the liturgical present and future.

As I start my journey: I know I am going to need to have a mathematicians handle of Dominican Letters. I predict that I will need to first calculate Easter by the Dominican letter system, and build the whole explosion of standard liturgical dates after that. I predict my secondary calculation will be backing into the feast of “Christ the King” off of the Advent season to find the end of the Calendar year…. then it is a matter of filling in Advent, Lent, checking for standard deviation of major feasts and then filling in the Ordinary Time (OT) dates in between.

That will be step 1 of a calendar system. I imagine I will pass a function to a date(really a Sunday) and get a result from the function of what the liturgical date will be. Something I will have to think about later is getting the readings for Mass from a function as well.

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