4 tables and a Page

I have created the first four data tables and a basic page. The four tables are holding data for; Parish name, Ministrys, Ministry Slots, and Mass times. screen capture

This is a screen shot of my basic page so far that just displays data from the 4 tables, and allows a user to create everything but a Parish itself. Pretty bland, but you have to start someplace. It needs some basic dropdowns, for Mass days and ministrys, a time control, as well as the ability to delete records from three of the tables. That will be part of my next steps.

Right now I am keeping with the focus on functionailty and barebones structure. This is really half of the first part (the Parish) of 3 section.

  • Parish
  • Directory
  • Schedule

When I am done with this I will need to add people to the directory and assign them to ministries and set mass preferences. After that I can create schedule paramiters to build the schedule. Will it always look this 1994?, no I probably won’t even use these, but for now it gives me the bare bones basics. Once I have the three sections complete then I will stop and evaluate my next goals for this project.  I will probably also produce a sub-domain that anyone can play with these basic pages, because why not.

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