Don’t be a Bucket-head skip the ALS Challenge


Don’t be a bucket-head, skip the ALS challenge!

Over the weekend we saw a lot of these video’s  of our friends dumping a bucket of ‘ice water’ (nobody I have seen has had ice in their bucket?) on their heads and challenging their BFF to do the same and to donate to ALS.

Often times we see things that bring about an emotional responce, and on the outside cover they look like they might be a fun way to help out, and this appears to be one of those times. Unfortunatly, ALSA is not an organization Catholics or Pro-Lifers should be endorsing or advertising. I say this with the utmost respect for the people who ALSA is trying to help. ALSA is willing to cure Lou Gehrig’s Disease going as far as willing to pay money to people who kill healthy babies and harvest their organs for parts in their experimentation. There are several poeple who have gone over the organizations policies and discovered that their own website says they support the controversial use of embrionic stem cells. 

As Catholics, we can never support such an organization. One can quote the catehicism, encyclicals, books, etc all day long. The Church has always been very consistant that murdering babies for parts is evil. So this is a cry to my friends; you need to not participate in this activity. If you already have, please remove the video’s you have posted and contact your friends you have asked to perform the challenge, asking them not to participate. I beg you, on behalf of the 9 month old  babies who are brutaly murdered, their brains litterally sucked out of their skulls in these procedures, please send the message to tha ALSA that they will not be supported by people of good morals until they change their policies.

Note: <SARCASM>All we want to do is dump buckets of water on our heads and raise awareness to disease, why do you have to go about supporting abortion.</SARCASM>

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