Schedule Starts to Take Shape

After getting the liturgical calendar table created I have moved onto bringing together the other elements of the database that I have already created.

screen5-scheduleHere is a screen shot of the begining of some basic loops to determine basic schedules. I have taken an January 1st through March 31’st and pulled all Sunday Masses and Solemnities from the Type in the Database. I happen to notice that Ash Wednesday is abasent from this selection, So I may need to make a future marker for Ash Wednesday to appear. My next loop looks for ministries in the parish, and then another loop looks up ministers. It is a humble start.

I have a couple of issues, I will need to add a lot of generic testing data; more ministers in particular, I may want to re-think ministry slots, with a second look I think they may be overly complex, and instead of creating multiple named slots, maybe I should be just saying how many ministers are needed for each Mass; aka 2 Lectors, 1 Bread EME, 4 Wine EME’s, 2 Servers etc. I am going to sleep on the idea, and weigh which system allows for the most future growth.

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