What is the cost of a human? A lab rat.

Ifrankinmouse was reading this science article that came across my feed this morning while waiting in the dentist office. The article talks about injecting human brain matter into mouse skulls and how the mouse as a result becomes smarter… yep friend this is not science fiction anymore.

Being heavy into computers and IT, I think the science regarding human brains, and all brains in fact, as something important to keep track of. Someday computers will be more logical than humans and the whole lengthy set of moral repercussions to follow is something this and future generations is going to have to deal with. So I am reading a long sort of saying, wow cool, who donated their brains cells to science after death for this experiment… when suddenly the article tells me…

“Goldman’s team extracted immature glial cells from donated human fetuses. “

At that line in the text I stopped reading a science article and realized I was reading something akin to the notifications about human experimentation at the hands of German scientists during the second world war. The scientific line of ethics here had been crossed. People are literally being killed to maybe make a mouse a fraction of a % smarter. Something I need to expound upon in a future blog post is the whole ‘donated human fetuses’, why it is wrong to create fetuses outside the womb and then ‘dispose’ of them. Like children who are dropped off at an orphanage, these babies who were made in a lab have been left to the hands of a butcher to tear them apart and put their pieces into other animals to make chimera hybrids. This is an abomination, it is no longer science. The cost of a human life has been reduced to an experiment on mice!

As Catholics we draw the line of person-hood from the moment of conception. When an egg is fertilized it become ‘human’. Living humans cannot be donated, they have rights, especially to live. As disciples of Christ we need to stand up and say what is going on here is murder and human experimentation without consent.

Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person – among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.

2270 CCC

I strongly urge you to speak out against such experimentation to your peers. Explain to them that each human life is unique and special and none of us are worth ‘paltry’ experiments of this magnitude.  Scientists have more ethical sources to get similar materials for their experiments. We need our voices to be heard. Don’t be afraid, speak out and it will make a difference.

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